Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Joining a gardener's book club.

Never needing much of a reason to read a good garden book but having few chances to discuss said books I was happy to find Carol's May Dreams Garden. Her invitation to join the fun for the winter was irresistible. I like the looks of the growing list of prospective titles and authors, some of which I have read, others heard good things about and still others that just sound interesting.

The first book has been picked for the month of November.
'The Essential Earthman' Henry Michell.

It is good to start with a book not previously read but by an author of which I am familiar.
I'm going to enjoy this.

First impressions...Mitchell had an affection for gardeners and their endeavors, understanding and sympathizing with their humanity. For Henry gardening held answers to lifes dilemma if you only paid attention, and he was willing to share his periodic enlightenment.


Blogger Colleen said...

Hi Gloria,

I'm also in the Blogger's Book Club, I've been reading Earthman for the last week or so and absolutely love it!

I'm also happy to find another Great Lakes garden blogger, especially one who is (like me) interested in creating a wildlife-friendly garden. I'll look forward to reading your blog.

25/10/06 12:29 PM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Hello Colleen,
Just checked out your blog, loved your comments on Henry Mitchell and 'The Essential Earthman'.I look forward to reading everyone thoughts and to forming a few of my own.

Yes, I am a four season gardener.
I take lots of pictures in the winter during and after snow storms. And visit local wildlife areas to see what birds are overwintering.

Do you blog all winter?

25/10/06 2:23 PM  

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