Thursday, October 26, 2006

A look into the garden...
The Hobbit Garden in fall is covered with tiny little leaves and stems falling from a Honey Locust that shades one end of the garden. Old bricks and stones dug up from other parts of this old place give age to the newer setting. The trellis is a metal t- shaped clothes line dug from the back yard. Chicken wire carries the climbing rose and tendrils of virginia creeper across the opening giving the space a secret garden feel in summer.

Looking toward the bridge.
Can you see the little hobbit hiding?

The Hobbit Garden, as it is playfully named, was inspired by the release of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Having read the books by J. R. Tolkien when younger and captivated by the story I was glad to see a non-animated version created by an obvious fan.
When the fence was put in many holes were dug then filled with concrete. A mound of gravel and clay soil remained. Many suggestions were made, one household member wanting to cart it off. But recent visions of hobbits were in my head so another plan was adopted. On the side near the building where there is green a slightly curving dry creekbed was placed, to guide run off to the driveway. It is named the Brandywine and crossed by a small foot bridge at one end. Rocks and stumps create spaces for wildlife and flowering plants provide fodder. There is water near the fence. Crushed pine bark mulches the forest-like floor. Virginia creeper is easily kept in bounds.
What on earth does this garden say of it's creator...


Blogger Carol Michel said...

Yes, I think I just saw Bilbo Baggins go around the corner over there!

27/10/06 3:10 PM  

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