Friday, November 03, 2006

On Keeping garden records
While I am sure there are many good reasons to go about keeping garden records, I am just as sure that I will never do so.
I do have lists. And stacks of plant tags. More pictures than could possibly be necessary. Scribbled notes on odd bits of paper and saved seed packages. Some empty,some bent over and closed with a paper clip to keep the few remaining seeds inside. Some were never opened, still full of outdated seeds saved for no apparent reason .
A history so to speak.

As for the garden records those such as Henry Mitchell, Thomas Jefferson and other gardeners of note would advocate, I have not that sort of discipline.
It is just as well. I do not need to know the dates when the daffodil bloomed past years to trust that they will bloom again. I know without doubt when there is not enough or too much rain "this year". If a plant is lost and forgotten in the confusion, some other will take its place.
Each day when I step out into the garden to go about the days task, I am thankful for the moment. I leave each that comes after to do the same.


Blogger Carol said...

I've got the plant tags and seed packets all hanging around, plus a simple garden journal. Just a few words or sentences for each day. It is fun to go back and look over it. I don't know why that is fun, must just be my personality.

5/11/06 7:43 AM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Carol,your saying that as well as the blogs you keep up, you also write in a journal?
I think someone else's journal is interesting to take a look at but have never been able to do so myself.
I like to write but can not seem to be able to figure out what to write in a journal. The mind goes blank when contemplating dates and numbers...
As a teenager I would write story after story but could never keep a diary.

6/11/06 4:34 PM  

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