Friday, February 16, 2007

Using Catalogs to Plan New Garden Spaces.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out what to plant where. Part of this is the huge selection. I find myself wanting to add so much that it is impossible to know where to start.
One of the places that I check every year for ideas is the Website of

Here the staff has put together a few plans to get you started. You can see what grows well together and where. Even if these prepackaged plans do not appeal you can use the ideas as a starting point and then acquire only what you like. The ideas for size you can increase or decrease by adding or subtracting plants. You may find you have many of the plants already or would like to start some from seed. Anyway you customize it's nice to have somewhere to start.

Like this Shade garden...

Woodland Shade Garden (25 plant)
Covers 41 square feet. Approx. 9' x 4.5'
Comes Complete with Planting Layout
Each Garden Contains:

Wildflowers ...
2 Virginia Bluebells,
2 Jack-in-the-Pulpit,
2 Jacob's Ladder,
1 Solomon's Seal,
1 Columbine,
1 Red Baneberry,
2 Wild Bleeding Heart,
2 Culver's Root,
2 White Woodland Aster,
1 Maple Leaved Alum Root,
2 Calico Aster
2 Northern Sea Oats,
5 Palm Sedge
Designed by Jennifer Baker, Prairie Nursery Ecologist

or this Butterfly/pollinator Garden...

For well-drained garden soil in full sun or partial shade.
Comes with Complete Planting Layout and Instructions.
Covers 67 square feet. Approx. 12.75' x 5.25'.

2 Downy Phlox,
2 Columbine,
2 Butterflyweed for Clay,
3 Sullivant's Milkweed,
2 Prairie Blazingstar,
2 Bergamot,
1 Ironweed,
2 Dense Blazingstar,
1 Ohio Goldenrod,
1 Tall Joe Pye Weed,
1 Sweet Joe Pye Weed,
4 Crooked Stem Aster
9 Prairie Dropseed

How about one for Birds...
Comes with Complete Planting Layout and Instructions
Covers 77 square feet. Approx. 12.75’ x 6'.

2 Smooth Aster,
1 New England Aster,
1 Blue False Indigo,
2 Downy Phlox,
1 Purple Coneflower,
2 Columbine,
2 Dense Blazingstar,
3 Smooth Penstemon,
1 Yellow Coneflower,
1 Sweet Black Eyed Susan,
1 Cupplant,
1 Stiff Goldenrod,
2 Bergamot
4 Little Bluestem,
4 Indiangrass,
4 Prairie Dropseed


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