Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Planted and Protected

Worried that rabbits would eat the seedlings before they could grow and establish we added a wire fence. This will be a pretty little area with a lower profile than so many of the taller species in our garden. The plants from Native Seed Gardeners are the only plants in our garden protected from herbivores.

The camera is facing north so this open area gets full sun which these prairie plants should do well with. Trying to decide what to use as a light mulch over the bare soil until seedlings grow to cover. This blog will now become a journal to record the story of gardening to harvest native prairie seed, along with the wildlife gardening.

To see this years seed crop list


Blogger M said...

Native Seed Gardeners sounds like a great program! I'm looking forward to watching your progress and seeing the seed collection process. I help manage a native plant garden area at my workplace and am curious to learn more about seed harvesting.

7/7/11 3:36 PM  
Blogger garden girl said...

Looks so pretty Gloria!

7/7/11 9:04 PM  
Blogger Gloria said...

M, thanks for checking out the garden blog. Prairie plants can take so long to flower ansd seed that it can be discouraging. Having a grass that will seed right away and the canadian hawkweek which is so prolific help me be patient for everything else.

Garden Girl, It looks so much better since the sewer work done in late winter. I was afraid for the plants that had been under all those piles of dirt,but most seem to have come back fine. It will look better as the plants grow.

11/7/11 11:26 PM  

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