Thursday, August 25, 2011

Harvesting seed.

You are looking at the first seed collected this year from the Canada hawkweed (Heiracuim canadense). The dark part is the seed, the fluff is to carry the seed on the wind if it isn't harvested soon enough. I will be checking daily for the next few weeks as the flowers bloom then go to seed individually.

On the canada hawkweed a seedhead is ready to collect. You can see it has turned fluffy and sort of light tan. The flowers are yellow they close , the seed forms and the seedhead opens and dries then flies with the wind. Except I'll be there to pinch off and save. Comes loose very easily.

Collected a few white baptisia seed pods. Took 4 years for these to flower and produce seed.

A closer look at the seeds inside the pod.

Leiberg's panic grass/Dichanthelium leibergii . Will soon be able to harvest a few seeds from the panic grass if I can keep the birds away. Nice to have found a plant that produces seed the first year, even if it is just a little.


Blogger Gail said...

I love the panic grass and have been trying to id one in my garden....gail

5/9/11 9:06 AM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Hi Gail.These little plugs came with tags from a very trusted I'm terrible at grass id. Growing a species does help one to recognize it later in the field. Good luck with your id.

9/9/11 3:26 PM  

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