Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dragonfly mistakes Mr. for a tree trunk.

I think this is a female Common Whitetail. When I noticed it had landed on Peter's back I asked him not to move while I took a picture. Not a necessary precaution. It would not let go. I finally lifted the dragonfly from his shirt and it flew away. The mate had landed on a nearby log , waiting for her or thinking he was hiding as well.
No picture of the hummingbird that fed from the Aquilegia in our back garden. I was sitting without a camera handy when I noticed the male Ruby-throat moving from blossom to blossom. I forget from year to year how small and charming the quick moving birds appear. I sat and watched until he left the garden several minutes later.
The American Goldfinch announced its presence from the tree above just before landing at the birdbath. A few sips and away it flew.
Some bird watch I garden watch...


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