Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cicadas... Pictures From The Front!

Ron Wolford our Chicago Master Gardener man in charge, has been documenting the cicada emergence.

Ron Wolford extension uiuc

I found these pictures of cicadas there from a man in Lagrange. That is where I saw swarms of cicadas (even having one land on my arm so that we could get a really close look) and heard the constant thrum in the air.
Take a look at the last picture on page one (there are 36 pictures over 4 pages) of the branch covered with cicadas and the one on page two of a cicada molting its outer covering as it grows.

Pictures of cicadas from the front lines

Finally a few tips as to disposal of the piles of dead cicadas.

17 uses for dead cicadas

14) Collect some floral foam and branches and make a summer centerpiece for your table. Glue cicadas to plastic picks and pop them in. Watch your dinner guests jump in surprise when they spot them during the appetizer course
16) Decorate your cheap flip-flops by attaching cicadas with hot glue for a customized pair of summer 2007 sandals.


Blogger Kate said...

I love the '17 uses for dead cicadas' and I especially like your idea of using them as a centrepiece and also decorating flip-flops with them. They might look interesting too ... spray painted!!

I wonder if there might be some interesting uses for tent caterpillars too! I am getting sick of them dangling from trees and getting stuck on me.

14/6/07 7:07 PM  
Blogger Annie in Austin said...

Hi Gloria,

The links were great - I was in Chicago at the right time to see and hear the cicadas, but you led me to more information, both useful and funny, so thanks.

And you had a lovely group of plants blooming for garden bloggers' bloom day!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

28/6/07 11:26 AM  

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