Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter in a our back garden

This first picture is of the Hobbit garden, the south facing side garden. An almost secret garden.

Can you see the wildlife friendliness?

At the back of the garden our little woodland edge. Can you see the wood mulch paths lined with logs? The "real" christmas tree will remain until spring when the branches will be removed and used for mulch on the path and the trunk added to line paths.

More mulched paths through the gardens.Brick like pavers line the edges of the beds.

Close to the house there is usually more sun so, more native perennial forbs and grasses.While not every plant is native that is the goal for any future planting.

Looking out the back window during recent snow.

A well tended water spot for birds and other creatures. Every morning and some days again in the afternoon frest water is added through winter. Sun often shines enough to heat the metal pan and keep it free of ice for a few hours.

One must step to the rear of the garden to see the area behind the garage. Compost, brush piles,vines and other undisturbed native plantings grow here. Many birds love this area.

A small pond sits here in summer. Now a planter with evergreens and redtwig dogwood stems.A common theme for winter planters in Chicago.

A mulched path on the right leads one through to the back of the garden and the area behind the garage.


Blogger Ben said...

Nice photo tour, Gloria.

16/1/12 9:40 PM  
Blogger said...

Your garden looks great in the winter. I love the corner water spot for the birds and of course all the other great habitat you've created.

22/2/12 9:18 AM  

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