Thursday, September 25, 2008

Great Pictures of a County Fair

County Fair

Fish eye media has some great pictures of the Fair at the above link. Children with the animals,Master preservers, stages. Someone did a such a good job of capturing the fun.

Thanks for passing it along Harmony.

Chicago is a great big city full of millions of people that is known for its neighborhoods and sense of community. From the Mayor and the awesome park district (which includes the conservatories and six nature centers) to business leaders and the University Agricultural extension service, there is enormous support for the many community gardens, network of green groups , and each year more individuals, growing food and utilizing the outdoor areas of our homes and the city. All year round there are learning opportunities through lectures and actual hands on experience.

Today a group of volunteers helped unload and group a truckload of shrubs and perennials that will be given away on Saturday to the 93 community gardens that have registered to receive plants. All the plants are free, donated by local nurseries, the Chicago Botanic Garden and others.

There is more to the green movement than lakefront parks and median planters.

Green Net Chicago

School Gardens

Greencorps Chicago

Master Food Preservers

Chicago Green Roofs


Blogger Cheryl said...

I just love to read posts like this....I wish a lot more people would think on these lines.....

30/9/08 1:10 PM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Did you look at a few of the pictures from the County Fair?
Mostly families attended.
Children like music and bugs and food.
Parents like having hands on stuff in which the kids may participate instead of just look. So they were allowed to try on bee hats and taste honey,plant something, eat something, pet something like farm animals or insects and an check out the different instruments like wash boards and harmonicas.
They could ask questions and play. Great day, I hope it grows a real following each year.
I imagine most cities have some programs geared towards future growers but funds are tight now so they may not last without community support.

2/10/08 3:56 PM  

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