Monday, October 13, 2008

A Parking Lot Landscape.

Parking lot landscapes are increasingly more interesting. The pictures shown here are of the main entrance parking lot at Chicago Highschool For Agricultural Sciences .

A low growing drought tolerant sun/heat loving annual that self seeds and grows on quickly

with an abundantly long summer bloom.

Goldenrod and purple asters add color and insect activity for a fall display.

Tall grass, short grass, drying seedheads and blooming flowers.

Impressive for a group of students,yes?


Blogger garden girl said...

That's a wonderful school. The new(ish) location is beautifully planted.

My niece was valedictorian there a few years back. She was lucky enough to spend her senior year at the new school. I remember her as a child always following me around as I gardened, asking tons of questions and inspiring me with her wonderings. I could see even when she was a tot that she'd end up a lifelong gardener.

She married her college sweetheart, a farm boy who majored in horticulture and now works for an estate gardening firm in Nebraska. Together they garden extensively at home as well. Just before Christmas, her first little gardener is due to be born. She's proof that the school is accomplishing its mission.

22/10/08 7:56 AM  

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