Monday, December 01, 2008


Fresh snowfall in the garden.

One of those heavy wet snows that cling causing everything to droop or flatten.

Well not everything, the coneflowers seem to stand through all winter brings.

This panicum will rebound as the snow melts,at least it did last year. It was much larger this year.

Shrubs and trees look lovely in white in front of house.

Groundcovers have disappeared under lumpy blankets of snow.

The Hobbit garden.

Along back fence. A few ragged leaves frozen in place on the oakleaf hydrangea. A screen loosened by wind.

Out the back door.

I really like winter and snow in the garden.


Blogger firefly said...

It really is lovely. Great photos!

Can't wait until that happens here (not least because it will keep the #@*! squirrels from digging into the root zone of plants)!

4/12/08 4:28 PM  
Blogger James Golden said...

We're still waiting. Didn't have a decent snow last year. I just hope to get snow on weekends when I'm in the country.

17/12/08 5:46 AM  
Blogger Barbara Eisenstein said...

It took me a while after moving to the west from NJ to become comfortable with the California seasons. This in fact led me to gardening with native plants. Seeing your lovely winterscape pictures, though makes me a bit homesick.

24/1/09 10:51 PM  

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