Monday, March 19, 2012

Pollinators In The Garden In March

What is this with the way too warm temperatures? Not just air temperatures but soil temperatures and night temperatures have caused the garden to go into hyperdrive. Everything is greening Flower buds formed and bloomed within days. The insects are responding as well. Bees and butterflies are sipping at blossoms. Going to keep a camera at hand and a close eye on the garden to try and record this fairly odd spring.

Another non-native species small cabbage white

You can not see from this picture but I think this was a Bombus bimaculatus. None of the other pictures were clear enough to show ID.

The daffodills are nice and early.

Virginia bluebells / Mertensia virginica. this garden needs more early spring blooming native plants. A few native shrubs or tree that blooms very early.

Nanking cherry.

This Osmia cornifrons is not a native bee.

But this bumble bee is native. Maybe Bombus impatiens.


Blogger Kathy Sturr said...

Wonderful captures. I envy your knowledge in identifying these buzzers. I try. So refreshing to see such beautiful blooms.

28/3/12 8:16 AM  

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