Thursday, December 20, 2007

'2007' - Wildlife encounters in an urban garden

Tai-haku at Earth Wind Water is naming 2007's top ten wildlife encounters and asking for others to share their own, here at years end. Though nothing to rival the adventure of those nature moments and such awesome pictures, still a habitat garden can provide some wonder.

A camera is often not to hand when nature calls.
1.In late winter a rabbits nest is certain to be found somewhere in our garden. Last year a young grandson found a nest and came running to tell us about his find. He had removed several babies and placed them on a lounge chair. He was so disappointed that we had to replace the little bunnies when he really, really wanted to keep them.

2.On another occassion late one summer night our daughter came in the back door all upset. She had stepped on what she believed was a frog as she entered the back gate. Concerned the creature was injured we all found ourselves on the ground flashlights in hand searching. He was spotted in the Hobbit garden but then disappeared. We have not seen him since.

3. On one foggy fall day a hawk not only captured prey (a mourning dove), but fed while perching on a log that lines the path through the woodland edge garden. The pictures I took through the doorway were not clear enough to show but I keep them anyway.

Many times I find myself holding still, not moving for long sessions so as not to disturb some feeding or bathing bird. But the robins keep me most amused.
4.(May - today a family of Robins took over the backyard. Two adults taking turns watching three fledglings learn to feed themself and grow into independent juveniles. Two of the young robins wandered about often disappearing but staying within calling distance, pecking at insects and hiding beneath shrubs and between plants.Only one refused to leave moms side( or maybe dads I can't really tell them apart) . It followed her closely everywhere she went, cheeping continously with mouth open wide. The harried parent dutifully fed the little guy seemingly understanding a slower developement and a touch of separation anxiety.)

In an urban garden the real show, the daily interaction is provided by insects. All one need do is step outside and look. Here are several more links to insect life at pollinators-welcome.
Red Admirals irruption year abundance
Butterfly season


So if it you have time and are so inclined join in and post your wildlife encounters from 2007. Then let us know
here .


Blogger Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy New Year Gloria. I will look forward to seeing more of your insect pictures this summer. I too look for insects in the garden. I think they are an intersting part of nature.

1/1/08 6:49 AM  
Anonymous mon@rch said...

This is splendid and you know it has since the 17 year Cicada's since I have "seen" a cicada! Although, I do hear them! Love your Red Admiral photos and you did great with your top 10 !

3/1/08 8:59 PM  
Blogger Yolanda Elizabet said...

Lovely post Gloria with great pics. I'm with your grandson, I would have wanted to keep those baby bunnies too! (I know better than to do that of course, they need their Mom.)

Happy New Year!

4/1/08 10:32 AM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Happy New Year Lisa!!!

Thank you Monarch. A few annual cicada are found each year but the 17 year cicadas are an event.

Hey Yolanda, the bunnies were so cute.A neighbor has a black and white rabbit for a pet. Every once in awhile they come over searching for him because this is where he heads everytime. Looking for a mate maybe?

4/1/08 4:39 PM  

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