Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lincoln Park Zoo's Nature Boardwalk

In 2010 Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo opened the new Nature Boardwalk. What was the South Pond, where visitors could rent paddle boats to venture out onto the water, is now a pond and planting designed to attract the creatures that inhabit our urban ecosystem.

No cages or walls needed to keep the creatures around or protect them. They come and go or stay as wont. Feeding,breeding and passing through during migration ,the zoo boardwalk is a growing haven for urban wildlife.

Each year the plants and creatures will increase in abundance to the delight of all who stroll the walk during a zoo visit.

Native plants like the above hoary vervain and the switchgrass below provide nectar,pollen, seeds and draw insects for food.

The pond provides water and shelter for wetland plants and animals.

all within view of city skyscapes.

The walk is pleasant on a sunny afternoon as adults and children enjoy searching out creatures along the way.

The flowers are very pretty.

As is the foliage and the seeds begining to form

Partridge pea.

Purple ironweed and yellow helenium.

For a look at the Lincoln Park Zoo's Nature Boardwalk Blog check out the zoo's website.

Nature Boardwalk Blog

To see a video with old south pond pictures as well as the changes, view here.
Nature Boardwalk video