Monday, October 17, 2011

Chicago, Forest Preserve District Cook County, Bike Trails.

The Mr and I have been taking to the forest preserve bike trails on recent weekends. A great way to get a bit of exercise and be outdoors for a few hours. So far we have reused the same couple of trails that are very near home so that the time can be spent on the trail. But we would like to check out several of the other trails especially some of the longer ones. When I feel ready it would be nice to spend the whole day out biking. Now it takes two or three hours,which is about what we were looking for in a regular ride.

These first pictures are from Tinley Creek trail (north) 18.80 miles
A loop so that you end up where you started.Some inclines but not too bad. Most of the few road crossings had traffic lights and were well marked.

Small lakes, meadows, creeks, bridges and a tunnel plus long wooded sections gives this a secluded from your urban surroundings feel that makes the ride very enjoyable.

We saw many birds,butterflies and other insects and a few animals like chipmunks and once a coyote. If alone I would probably stop way too often to enjoy the scenery but the Mr. mostly keeps us moving.

Can not resist a few pictures of the native grass and forbs.

A bridge took us over this small creek.

Lately even with the unusually warm weather autumn is showing signs of arrival. These last few pictures are from Salt Creek Trail 7.1 miles between Bemis Woods and Brookfield Zoo, then continues north to Busse Woods a total 25 miles, more if you head into the Busse Woods Trail.

This trail is not a loop so we only go to the Zoo and back which is 14 miles. The best part of the trail because it is a wooded forest preserve area but crosses several heavy traffic roads. Some of the trail passes along the very edge of the forest preserve and one side is a few private backyards. It would be nice to have a garden end at a wooded trail but might seem intrusive on active summer weekends.

Oak leaves changing color.

Looking up to black walnuts still clinging. Under this tree there were many on the trail but no where else was there anything but leaves.

Sections of Salt Creek flowed along side the trail.

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